Welcome to the future of digital advertising

iPROM specializes in planning and running advertising campaigns in digital media. Using media outlets, data analytics, in-depth research and new technologies, we enable marketers to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, every time. The tools we create are used across the industry by advertisers, direct marketers and web publishers to help them plan, execute and analyse their digital marketing activities. They are designed to increase the effectiveness of these activities as well as to make the complex world of web advertising a little simpler for our customers, justifying investment with outstanding returns.

Ingenuity that delivers

From audience design and campaign planning to real-time optimization and in-time analytics, our infrastructure ensures smart choices, precise control and measurable improvement of ROI for successful data-driven marketing. Every day, our system’s powerful infrastructure controls billions of advertising decisions whilst analysing trillions of customer attributes. Enormous, fast and, above all, intelligent, its Internet-scale architecture manages to continuously optimize, analyse and deliver data-driven marketing results to fully empower your business.

Global reach and scale

Our all-in one, flexible and ascendable infrastructure was designed with a sole purpose; to guide the future of digital advertising. Investing 15 years of development, our engineers have managed to build a highly-advanced technological platform that meets the expectations of both open source and proprietary technologies. This powerful and flexible solution is a perfect match for the steep market demands for redundancy, horizontal scalability and operational efficiencies.

Real-time intelligence and insight

Every minute of every day, our intelligent learninging algorithms process vast amounts of data moving through our system. When that information meets our low-latency database infrastructure, these powerful algorithms are able to make instantaneous decisions and provide real-time insights into audiences, reach, lookalikes, value and the likelihood that a user will respond to a given creative. With each new impression received, the data grows, while your business is further empowered with valuable real-time graphic reports on your win-rates, performance and other important indicators.

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Simplicity comes with deep understanding. With 15 years of curiosity, learning and practical experience behind us, we have gained a profound knowledge of our industry.